Jacob Hoffman on a new programme of events in a community space hosted by The Dissenter for Space Studies, Edinburgh
In August 2023, Aberdeen-based collective Tactics for Togetherness facilitated the first workshop at PUBLIC LIBRARY. Exploring the notion of ‘comfort’ in public space, they delivered a cushion-making activity which brought together participants to create soft furnishings for use in the library’s future events and activities. Following this, the group created a manifesto for the library in the form of a memory game, ‘I went to the library and…’ identifying some of the key functions of libraries and public spaces and proposing new ways of making use of them.

Earlier this year, Tactics for Togetherness launched Communal Powers, a project that developed from an exhibition in October 2021 presented as part of the Beyond British Art Show 9 programme. In the collective’s words, Communal Powers is:

‘ …a resource library of books, tools and other equipment that may be useful to artists, makers and readers. A programme of events will run throughout this year activating the library, as a place that holds physical resources, but also where people come together to learn, think in new ways and share experiences.’
Tactics for Togetherness, 2023