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Project Funded by Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding
Tactics for Togetherness started as an exhibition in
response to BAS9 in Aberdeen by artists;
Phoebe Banks
Yvette Bathgate
Kirsty Russell
Jake Shepherd

The group invited

to share a work that thought through ideas of togetherness
> Mae Diansangu <
> Natalie Kerr <
> Carmen Wong &
Angela Margaret Main <
~ Currently ~
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Communal Powers, is a shared library of books, tools and other equipment that may be useful to artists, makers and readers.

Communal Powers aims to:

- Save artists money but lending them tools that otherwise would be costly and used infrequently
- Build connections between artists by learning about and sharing different projects
- Encourage artists to be ambitious/creative by increasing access to resources
- Reduce environmental impact by sharing items, instead of individually buying
12.03.23 ~ Launch of Communal Powers Library and collective bookshelf build
06.08.23 ~ Public library x TfT
The PUBLIC LIBRARY is a project by Jacob Hoffman at Dissenter, Edinburgh. The project has developed out of research around libraries and public space, attempting to re-imagine them as more inclusive and accessible while responding to the needs of those who want to access them.
04 - 31.10.21 ~ Tactics for Togetherness Exhibition October 2021