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Here are short tour clips exploring the works within Tactics for Togetherness, along with a reading of a section of text reflecting on the exhibition, written by Caroline Gausden.
Mae Diansangu, a writer and spoken word artist from Aberdeen, created ‘Namesake’; a text reflecting on connection with a passed away loved one. They then recorded this, and it was played through an old school tape player, placed within an assemblage of objects nostalgic of that person.
Artist Natalie Kerr used this as an opportunity to reach out to people she had lost contact with during the pandemic, keeping track of the messaged conversations. These were then printed in different formats and sizes and places throughout the space, offering audiences an insight into the varying responses from distant friends.
For the exhibition, Carmen Wong developed their work “Dream Loops II” (a score in marginalia), in collaboration with local artist Angela Margaret Main. This score invites participants to a practice of collective daydreaming and dream-speaking for a more loving and equitable world.
The curatorial group of Phoebe Banks, Yvette Bathgate, Kirsty Russell and Jake Shepherd, all practicing artists, created works to usefully host the shows invited artists and audiences.